Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random thoughts from the computer lab

So I'm trying to keep my love lockdown. And I'm not a trouble maker, I've never been a faker.

Random lines of music that flow into each other...that's my anti-drug.

These cinnamon rolls smell delicious. that proper English? I mean, can a cinnamon roll smell period? Maybe I should rethink that first sentence.... Got it: I smell delicious cinnamon rolls.

Q: Does the Exodus continue?
A: Always.

I guess I'm getting older. I've had this crick in my neck for about a week and it hasn't gone away. That equals getting old, doesn't it?

I'm glad the weddings are finished for the time being. It's been a long year, and thankfully there are only a few of us left to get married. Maybe those of us that are still single should start a pool to see who will get married next. Either the first one to get married, or the last one, gets the money. Just a thought.

A moment of silence, please, for CoD4, as I no longer own this precious title. It was was time.

I wonder if I can learn to play an instrument over the next few months.

For the first time since June, I don't have any trips planned. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Why does time go by so slow when you're starving?

Aren't we all a little crazy? Forgetting Sarah Marshall...damn good movie. I've actually watched some recent movies over the past week: the aforementioned FSM, The Incredible Hulk (I'd say it was a million times better than the first one, but since the first one sucked so freakin' much, it's really impossible to compare the two, so I'll just say that this one kicks ass and you should watch it...right now), and Get Smart (loved this one, great nod to the tv series, great cast, great movie all around, and, oh yeah, Anne Hathaway).

That's all for now.

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Slick Willis said...

Good to see that you still post every once and awhile.