Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's been a while...

...since I...last posted on here. Anyways, presentations and homework have been kicking my tail, and I'm taking a break from working on one now. But in the meantime, let's talk about Christmas, and this little invention right here:

This little beauty right here is the George Foreman Lean Mean Fryer!!! Yes, that's right, a deep fryer that will cut out the fat.

The Lean Mean™ Fryer features our new, patented Smart Spin™ technology that knocks out up to 55% of fat absorbed in the frying process. During a special SPIN cycle that follows cooking, your Lean Mean™ Fryer uses centrifugal force to literally spin the added fat and oil off your food.

  • Knocks out up to 55% of the fat absorbed during frying!*
  • Patented Smart Spin™ Technology lets you spin out the fat for up to 2 minutes with low or high speed setting
  • Immersed heating element promotes fast, uniform heating and provides faster temperature recovery time once food is added for delicious, crispy results
  • Variable thermostat dial adjusts up to 375°F to provide the optimal frying conditions for any food
  • Unique basket design to ensure food keeps its shape and doesn’t crumble during the spin cycle
  • Fryer assembly separates quickly and easily for effortless maintenance and cleaning, with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Cooks up to 1.4 lbs of food, 2.6L oil Capacity
  • Viewing window lets you view food without letting heat out
  • Timer with audible signal for precise frying
  • Safety Features: Cool-touch handle; detachable, magnetic safety plug
  • Temperature ready light indicates when oil is hot
  • Includes more than 5 delicious recipes
So, basically, it's like a washing machine/deep fryer? I'm on board.

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Slick Willis said...

George Foreman is my HERO! The man can knock the fat out of anything. Here is a pencil, know lets watch george foreman make this a lean mean fat burning machine pencil. OOOHHH, AHHHH.